StabL hosts a Free
Virtual Trading Challenge on
The First Exchange Offering Onchain Products

March 13th - May 21th, 9 Weeks, 3 phases

Up to 150 participants per phase

ETH Prizes for traders, testers and hackers at the end of each 3-week phase.

What is the challenge?

We will launch the Alpha version of our trading platform, VariabL.

To test it out with the community as well as incentivize hackers to break it, we will offer a 9-week trading challenge on it with a prize pool for testers, and a bug bounty.

A limited number of applicants will have access to the challenge for free. Every participant will have free ETH to trade with.

The aim is to increase this balance through our trading platform. The best traders and the most active testers will get access to an 800 ETH prize pool.

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What are the Prizes for users?

- Anybody active during a round (14 days) will get 1 free ETH. up to 3 rounds.
- The best trader of each round will get 10 ETH.
- One of the active user (randomly determined) will get a rewards (capped at 50 ETH) proportional to his final balance divided by 10. (Initial balance of 100 ETH).

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What are the prizes for bug reporting?

The virtual trading challenge have a non-fund at risk structure, balances as shown in the user UI are significantly larger than actual funds in contracts.

If you want to be eligible to our bug bounty program and receive prizes, please :

- Fill a form explaining the vulnerability
- Don’t publicly explain the vulnerability until it’s patched.

If you’re compliant with theses requirements, depending of the vulnerability severity you’ll be eligible to rewards up to 50 ETH per round.

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How to register for the challenge?

To register and be part of the limited group of testers, you will have to join our slack, answer few questions, give your name, email address and an ethereum public address. If you have not yet an ethereum address we will help you to set it up in 5 min.

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What is StabL?

StabL is a blockchain company that aims to operate on-chain derivative markets (futures/Contracts For Differences based products) and develop an ecosystem of traders, individuals and decentralized applications benefitting from these new financial markets.

We will mainly distribute these derivative products through our semi-decentralized exchange, VariabL. Some of our financial products will have the property of remaining stable against the price of fiat currencies like USD, EUR or CNY and we will distribute these positions as USD/EUR/CNY StabL tokens on a more user-friendly exchange, StabL.

VariabL will enable traders to benefit from low cost yet highly secure financial products while StabL will offer dApps and individuals access to stable values on the blockchain.

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What is VariabL?

VariabL is the first exchange that offers onchain leveraged future positions onchain. The first pair traded will be ETH/USD. The first leveraged offered will be X2 and X4

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